Free Museums in Edinburgh
Free Museums in Edinburgh, Free Attractions In Edinburgh


Edinburgh, Scotland is a city that is rich in culture and history, and there is quite literally something exciting to see at every turn. You can get a sense of that history by just walking the streets, especially if you steer a little off the beaten path, but to get a real sense of what this magnificent city is all about, you need to spend some time at one of the many free museums in Edinburgh. The good news for you history buffs out there is that there are plenty of free museums to choose from, and what we have here is far from a complete list.

A Shortlist of Free Museums in Edinburgh

Scottish people love nothing more than to spin yarns that are meant to entertain, whilst also keeping you interested at the same time. This may help explain why there are so many museums crammed within Edinburgh’s city limits. There is a little something for everyone here, and we have tried to put together a list of free museums that cover many different interests.

1. The Writer’s Museum

free museums in edinburgh, writer’s museum

As we already mentioned, the Scots love to tell tall tales, so it’s no real surprise that there should be a museum devoted to the best writer’s that the country has had to offer. While much of the attention is paid to Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson, other Scottish writers are paid tribute to as well in many incredibly interesting displays.

2. Scottish National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery, free museum in Edinburgh

Split across three huge levels, the Scottish National Gallery is home to an incredible selection of art that needs to be seen to be believed. Please keep in mind that while the admission to this museum is free, there may be an admission fee charged if a special exhibition is on display. That said, your free admission will still grant you access to areas outside of said exhibits.

3. Museum of Childhood

Childhood Museum, free things to do

Museums can often be rather dull affairs for the little ones, but you can bet that this is one that kids of all ages will love. Toys and games of old are on display at the Museum of Childhood, with many of the displays being interactive and hands-on. There is also a puppet theatre and a dress-up area that the little ones will love.

4. The Museum of Edinburgh

free museums in edinburgh, top 4

Spending any amount of time in this city has the effect of leaving you want to learn more about it. The Museum of Edinburgh does a fantastic job of answering any questions you may have about the nation’s capital, with a host of different rooms filled to brimming with artifacts that tell the story of this proud city.

These are just 4 of the free museums in Edinburgh, but there are many, many more besides. Most are in and around the city center, making it possible to visit a few in the same day. Please remember that the free museums often rely heavily on donations, so be sure to leave a little something behind to purchase something from the shops located there if you were entertained during your visit.