Most Popular Road Trips in Canada
best Road Trips in Canada, Banff and Jasper national parks


Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Whether you travel in the winter or summer, there is something exciting to see and do. The summer is by far the best time to travel. You want to make the most of your holiday in Canada, so you’ll want to take these most popular three road trips with your car or motorhome.

A. From Toronto to Stratford, Ontario

Start your trip in one of the biggest provinces in the country, Ontario. You can take a road trip from Toronto to Stratford, a picturesque and historic area. It’s developed based on Stratford, UK, with the outdoor playhouse and an indoor theatre with popular productions on throughout the year. You can also take a relaxing walk around the local park, so the kids can blow off steam.

If you want a slightly longer trip, go from London, Ontario first. You can also take a trip from Canada’s capital Ottawa. Make sure you go during the summer months for the yearly Stratford Summer Music Festival, showcasing free jazz, classical and more concerts. You can also visit the Family & Company boutique, featuring amazing finds from around the world.

B. Drive the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

While Ontario is a popular province, Nova Scotia is one of the best for motorhome holidays. Check Camper Kanada, you’ll find great deals. It’s a dream road trip for golf fans, beach lovers, and those who want the “wow” factor in their sights. This trail is so good that it has been ranked the top Canadian and US tour by Travel & Leisure magazine.

Along the way, make sure you take in a horseback ride, try your hand at scuba diving and even take in the beautiful and historic lighthouses. You can also book reservations at the golf courses along the way.

C. Take the Food Trail in Kelowna

While Vancouver is the capital of British Columbia, it’s Kelowna where you want to spend your time road tripping. This beautiful location is full of foodie stops, as well as some of the best wineries around the country. The Studio & Farm Tour is one of the highlights of the trip, which is completely self-guided and tucked away. You won’t find too many tourists here because of its secret beauty.

Arlo’s Honey Farm and The Summerhill Pyramid Winery’s restaurant are two other places you’ll want to stop at. Your tour will take a few days to complete, so you’ll still have time to see the sights of Vancouver if you want, as it’s only a few hours away by car.