European Road Trips | Greece - Croatia - Sardinia
greece, white houses blue roofs

European Road Trips | Greece - Croatia - Sardinia

Road tripping throughout Europe has been made much easier with the Schengen Agreement. Plan your trip right by opting for the following three top European road trips.

1. Take a Trip to Croatia

croatia city and beach

Eastern Europe is one of the best places to road trip on a budget (compare car hire deals on Voiture Croatie). Not only is it affordable, but it’s got some of the most amazing sights. One of the places you have to go is Croatia, home of many Game of Thrones locations.

The Split-Hvar-Dubrovnik route is one of the most popular, especially since so many celebrities are doing it. You’ll get a mixture of peace, relaxation, history and freedom.

2. Discover the Awe of Greece

greece, white houses blue roofs

Greece is known for its ancient history and more currently its financial problems, but it’s also one of the best places to road trip in Europe. You can do this in five days if you’re on a tight budget. Start in Athens and then make your way along the south to Sounion for the beauty of the sunset at Posseidon’s temple.

You’ll then want to head through Korinthos, Mycenae, and Nafplio to get a mixture of everyone. There’s still plenty of ancient heritage around.

3. Spend a Long Weekend in Sardinia

Sardinia Beach, road trip

Got a long weekend that you want to use in style? Sardinia is the place to add to your list of European places to visit. It’s a historic part of Italy, full of beautiful beaches and amazing tastes. Start your trip in Cagliari in the southern and busiest part of Sardinia and then head north to Teodoro. There are many car rentals at Cagliari airport.

Finish your trip at Alghero and pick a restaurant on the city walls for the most romantic views. During the day, you’ll find memories of World War II and past connections to Catalonia.