We have you covered: check in here for answers to top questions.
  • 1. There are so many options. Some are similar to one another. I might need help in choosing the ideal vehicle for me and my fellow travellers on this trip.

    No problem what so ever. Just contact our customer service center and a helpful staff member can walk you through each choice. Customizing the right campervan or motorhome for your journey is always ideal--not just on your wallet but also to enhance the most experience appropriately, while living on the road.

    Some campervans are better equipped for certain landscapes for instance or you might be needing more cabin space for any children to play and roam around while the adults drive. The more information you provide us concerning your trip, the better we can pinpoint your needs.

  • 2. The rental price is all inclusive?

    Here’s what is in included in all of the vehicle rentals we provide:

    • Comprehensive insurance.
    • Kitchen set on most vehicles.
    • Bed line (only for some of the campers we exhibit).
  • 3. So, what shouldn’t I expect from my booking?
    • Additional insurance and drivers (some vehicle may include it).
    • Equipment: GPS, baby seats, inc.
    • Fuel.
  • 4. When I land at the airport what I do I have to do to get my vehicle?

    A confirmation in the form of a PDF will be emailed to you upon booking completion. Within this email you’ll find there’s a map to our office. We recommend you print it and use it to find the vehicle pick-up office. It’s very easy and simple to get to from the airport.

    Upon arriving at the office all you will need to do next is review and sign the rental agreement. Thereafter, one of our expert staff members will instruct you step-by-step, on how to return the vehicle properly.

    Our company is renowned for easy communication and conveniency. Our goal is to make the whole online and in-person processes smooth and painless. Because of this we work with our suppliers behind the scenes to make sure every vehicle is up to code, stocked with all the essentials that you require for your trip and if any changes or inconveniences, slight as they may be, occur, be assured one of our team members will contact you immediately to provide solutions.

  • 5. I’m preparing for my trip. What identification documents or proof of identity cards will I have to bring along with me from home in order to pick up the vehicle?

    Most of what you carry on you on a daily basis is all that is required to retrieve a vehicle booked with Scotland Campervan: Original driver’s license, State issued passport and a valid credit card. This credit card can belong to any person travelling along with you at that time.

    If you desire to add an additional driver, there’s no problem, however we will need their passport and driver’s license too. You should also know that as of present with any Category B driver’s license within the EU all the vehicles we offer through our website are available for you to drive.

    The United Kingdom is a great place for tourists and adventure travelers. If you are a resident of an EU nation your driver’s license from home will be sufficient as long as all the characters on the license are written in Latin characters.

    Why do we ask for a credit card?

    In the unlikely event that the vehicle incurs any damage your credit card will be authorized for the deductions mentioned in the agreement. You should ask if your vehicle also requires an additional deposit before picking your vehicle up.

    Our customer service reps are available 24/7 to help you with any of these questions.

  • 6. Should we be concerned about staying warm at night in our campervan during the winter time in Scotland?

    We believe in the vehicles we have chosen for your journey. All of our campervans are insulated like a car which trap warm air longer than any other larger truck or van like a Hiace or other vans. Make sure you keep the interior quite warm before heading to sleep and you should be nice and cozy all night long!

  • 7. I have never travelled through Scotland. Can you tell me what I should be aware of when visiting the countryside, so I can avoid possible accidents or mishaps?

    We always recommend that you follow all traffic signs and that you do not speed. High winds especially at night or during the winter can cause you to lose some control of your vehicle or cause damage to your doors when opening. Look out for stray animals or deer on the country roads. If, for any reason you incur a flat tire or your vehicle does not work properly contact our customer service representatives right away.

    Other than that, please take in all the beauty Scotland has to offer while on your wild adventure through one of the United Kingdom’s most stunningly beautiful regions.

  • 8. They say Scotland gets tons of snow and has treacherous conditions for driving during the winter? Is this true? Should I even travel during the winter time?

    Scotland is pristine and gorgeous during the winter time. It evokes fond memories of childhood road trips during Christmas time and we know that you might want to give your family the same experience you had growing up. For this reason, we have limited our selection to vehicles that bode well for the winter season. One of our representatives can assist you in choosing the right campervan for you and your loved ones.

  • 9. So why rent a campervan in Scotland? Why has it gained so much appeal?

    Because of the boom in mobility and more competitive pricing for travel, we have seen a fantastic change in the travel and tourism market. People are becoming more adventurous and creative in their vacation planning. Renting a campervan or motorhome allows you the maximum flexibility of taking all your essentials from home while saving money. Relax, cook, peruse the scenery and get a good night’s rest all while changing locations and landscapes on a dime. Wherever your imagination takes you to, you’ll have all the equipment and comforts of home at an arm’s reach.

  • 10. There are many festivals in Scotland. Can I take the campervan to them?

    Absolutely, yes. Scotland is renowned for their camping sites and many festivals allow you to take your campervan and park it on site. Local and regional festivals are very campervan and motorhome friendly.

  • 11. My friends and I like to camp out in the wilderness. Is this possible or do we have to stay at official campsites?

    In the United Kingdom there are only a handful of camping areas where it is illegal to set up tent, however in Scotland you must request permission from the landowners before setting up camp anywhere. We suggest you follow local signs instructing whether you may park and set up or not.

    Also there are wonderful designated camping sites instead of just camping in the open wild. As a benefit, these camp sites typically have wonderful amenities such as recycling centers, restaurants, recreational parks, laundromats, showers, kitchens and business centers--some even have swimming pools.

    We can provide you with the two main websites that work with campervan travelers: or In most of the locations you can choose from a wet or dry package. A wet package includes powered sites for about 15 to 25 pounds per day and a dry package typically goes for 8 to 15 pounds per stay.

    We hope you enjoy the campgrounds and use it as relaxing pitstop and take the opportunity to dispose of your waste and recycling properly along with meeting new people on your journey!

    Things you should know if you decide on camping freely (non-designated areas) while traveling through Scotland:

    • Basic rule: Leave everything the way you saw it or in a better state.
    • Do not throw any trash or recycling on the ground. Only in marked bins.
    • We suggest you don’t chop down trees or damage the vegetation as some of these areas are protected by law.
    • Bring your camera, leave with a great experience and take home no regrets.
    • Follow all local, regional and federal instructional signs.
    • If you have a doubt about whether you’re allowed to do something or not, it’s best you ask someone from the area.
    • Please be careful with sanitary napkins, female hygiene products or any other personal products after use. There are animals that may find them and confuse them for food.
    • If you decide to go completely nature-like and would like to use the toilets as our ancestors did please do it about 30 meters (100ft) from any water depository or well.
  • 12. Anything else I should know about renting with you guys?

    Yes, last but not least. In order to rent most of our vehicles you must be at least 25 years of age; depending on the model type. Additionally, we require that you must have had your license issued for at least two years prior to making your reservation with Scotland Campervan.