European Road Trips | Scotland - Portugal - Eastern Europe
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European Road Trips | Scotland - Portugal - Eastern Europe

Road tripping throughout Europe has been made much easier with the Schengen Agreement. It’s fun to visit various places of importance and history. You can see the history of Portugal and visit the beauty of Croatia and so much more. Plan your trip right by opting for the following three top European road trips.

1. See the Beauty of Portugal

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You’ll need at least 10 days to see all the sights Portugal has to offer and it’s one of the best options for those on a budget. Start with Braga and make your way south throughout the UNESCO World Heritage site of Guimaraes.

Don’t forget to head to Amarante and Penafiel for the vineyards and peaceful sites, because taking the coastal road and hitting the amazing beaches as you reach the capital, Lisbon. You can hire a campervan (Camping Car Portugal is a good option) or rent a car and stay in hotels (compare different companies at Voiture Portugal).

2. Explore the History Scotland has to Offer

wilderness road scotland

It’s easy to overlook the beauty of Scotland, especially if its right on your doorstep. However, this is a European road trip you definitely do not want to miss out. Start in York, England to pick up on all the history of the Vikings and then make your way to through Sterling and Edinburgh to the highlands.

The highlands are beautiful throughout the year, but you’ll want to go in the summer for the best weather. You’ll need at least five days to explore, but 10 is the best to see Culloden, Fort William and Loch Ness.

3. See the Mystery of Eastern Europe

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Finally, it’s time to take a road trip around Romania, the home of Bran Castle and the alleged home of Dracula. Bucharest is Romania’s most prosperous city and the sixth largest in the EU, so there’s plenty to see and experience.

Then head towards Budapest, Hungary before heading to Bratislava and beyond. You’re then only an hour away from Austria’s beauty of Vienna.