What is Edinburgh Famous For
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A Quick Look At The Beautiful City of Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh achieved city status in 1889, but there have been people living in that part of the world since way back in 8500 BC. It is a beautiful city serving as the capital of Scotland, but it is one that has a definite rugged charm. After all, how many city streets in the world are flanked on one side by a huge volcanic outcropping with a castle on top? That is what you will see when you walk down Princes Street, the main shopping thoroughfare, in Edinburgh, but this is a city that offers up more than just a castle.

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, top attractions in Edinburgh

It is fair to say that Edinburgh Castle is certainly one of the most visited places in the city, and for good reason. The castle ramparts offer the best views of the city, unless of course you fancy a hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat, which is a trip well worth taking. What people may not be aware of is that the castle takes on a different look during the month of August each year, as this is when the world-famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes places.

2. Pipes and drums of bands

Pipes and drums of bands in Edinburgh

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Out front of the castle is an expansive pen area known as the esplanade. Each year, temporary seating is put in place so that ticket holders can come and witness the pipes and drums of bands from all over the world. It is a spectacle of colour and sound unlike anything you are likely to have witnessed before, and people with a Scottish heritage who attend may just find themselves wiping away a little tear or two during the performances.

3. Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival, what is edinburgh famous for

It is also during this period that the Edinburgh Festival takes place, with all sorts of artistic displays and events taking place all over the city. Some of the best comedians and performers in the word got their start at the festival, which is one of the reasons why it among the best in what Edinburgh is famous for. Many of the shows that take place during the festival are free, and are nothing more than magnificent street performances.

4. Royal Mile

Royal Mile in Edinburgh

If you want just a little sample of what it’s all about, take a walk along the Royal Mile, which runs from the castle to Holyrood Palace, and drink in all the activities that are going on. You will see everything from musicians and magicians to folks dressed as gargoyles blending in with the old architecture.

5. Old Town

Edinburgh Old Town

One way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets is to head underground to the Old Town. Modern Edinburgh is built over the old city, and there are streets and catacombs below that can still be toured to this day. You can take a historic approach to this trip, or go the ghostly route by taking a midnight lamplight tour that is sure to chill your bones. There is a lot that Edinburgh is famous for, and these few options are just beginning to scratch the surface.